You might have already heard about Candy Crush Saga which offers colorful matching puzzles. Likewise, Toon Blast has come up with more captivating and fun cartoon theme which keeps you engaged with the game. Just like all other mobile games, to beat certain levels you need to have in-game currency.

If you are new to the game, you might feel frustrated when you are on the same level for days. Players who are struggling to beat the levels always to tend to search for ways to earn the in-game currency.

The currency of Toon Blast is coins which help in beating the levels. You can purchase the coins from the game store but they are quite expensive. This is why players search for free ways to earn coins. However, there are many fake websites which claim to provide you with coins by completing various tasks.

Please make sure to not fall in those traps because this might lead you in leaking your sensitive information to them.If you are searching for legit ways to earn coins, then you have landed on the perfect page. We will help you to beat all the levels including the hard ones. Let’s find out how. For the people who have no idea about Toon Blast can find out about the game by scrolling down the page.

How to get Toon Blast Cheats?

You might be in desperate need of coins. Don’t you? Though you think that cheat codes are the best alternative option, this is not absolutely true. You can find a number of websites that provides you with multiple cheat codes. However, they will not work for you.

These websites will claim that you only need to enter the cheat codes to earn coins. They will miss to inform you on one important point that is where you have to type the cheat codes to get coins. The reason is very simple: you don’t have a place to enter them anywhere in the game. The codes they provide you are just generated randomly with numbers and letters.

If there is a chance to enter the cheat code, it would be very nice as you can get free coins. However, you cannot get the coins using those cheat codes. You can only earn the coins in the Tool Blast game.

Tips and Tricks to use in the Toon Blast game:

Toon Blast offers many ways to earn free coins in the game. We have tried all the possible methods and found the best and most efficient one. This is to help you save your time so that you would spend only on the efficient methods to get the coins. You don’t have to go through the trouble of searching the coins when you are out of it.

In our post, you can learn about the tips and tricks which help you earn coins for free of cost and apply them in your game.We will not ask you to enter any information or you don’t have to pay us anything to earn the coins. We just want to help you with the best tricks which are not known to a lot of players. Let’s learn about the best tips and tricks to use in the game.

Always look at the bottom:

When you are playing the game, first you should start looking for combos at the bottom of the box. This will not only help you to get more cubes to drop but also have a high chance of dropping cubes of the same color together in a single move.

Search for combos:

In early levels, it is always important to search for combos. When you merger 5 or more blocks together, you can unlock a powerful combo which helps you to clear a large number of cubes. If you have the number of combos near the powerful combo you can clear the whole box.

Think before your match:

When playing puzzle games you need to think for each step. Your first aim is to look for the group bricks of the same color. If you are looking for a particular color which is not available, then look for other colors which will unlock powerful combo. When you are trying to make a combo pull the ones which are near to the top of the box so that you will not change the other combo arrangements and ruin them.

About Toon Blast Game:

Toon Blast is a fun and addictive game which is designed amazingly for iOS and Android devices. The in-game currency of Toon Blast game is coins. The fun in the game will stop when you are out of coins. However, you can earn the coins by purchasing them from the game store. These coins are very expensive and available at package costs $25 which is a high amount for a mobile game.

You need to finish the levels within the given moves to move to the next levels. In some cases, you might run out of moves and you need extra moves to complete the game. In that case, coins will help you to get extra moves if you have sufficient coins.

Fake Generators:

Even though most websites claim that they will help you in generating the coins for free, you will not get anything in the end. These websites look very legit and you might think they actually work. However, our testing engineers have stated that it doesn’t work at all.

You might have already gone through the situations where you have followed all the steps mentioned but not received a single coin. This proves that there are no working and legit generators to earn coins for Toon Blast.

Wrapping Up:

We are sure that you will enjoy playing Tool Blast game. All you have to do is to make sure that you are not out of lives and moves when you want to jump to higher levels. With coins, you can get more lives or moves which will help you pass that level and move on to the next level. Complete the level in lesser moves to earn more coins. Enjoy gaming!!!